Trade Credit Insurance


Trade Credit Insurance

It is no secret that competitive payment terms enable companies to grow sales.  Trade credit is a great way for businesses to provide this competitive edge and can be a useful financing tool that makes your foreign receivables more attractive to lenders.  However, sometimes customers are not able to pay you because they go out of business, file bankruptcy, or run out of U.S. dollars.  This is why trade credit insurance can be vital in protecting your receivables against nonpayment risks. 

Trade credit insurance is specifically designed to protect your business against the following:

  • Customer insolvencies
  • Business closures
  • Ownership changes
  • Cash flow problems
  • Balance sheet issues
  • Currency fluctuations
  • Natural disasters
  • General economic conditions in customer's country

We can help protect your business against these potential risks so that you can focus on safely selling more to existing customers and expanding into new markets. 

The J. Morey Company Difference

Our team understands that your business is unique. That’s why we take the time to help craft a trade credit insurance policy to fit your unique needs, offering a wide range of options that give you both flexibility and protection, at a price your business can afford.  We pride ourselves in the dedication to our: 

  • Deep expertise & relationships - Companies benefit the most by working with insurance brokers that have a deep expertise in trade credit insurance to efficiently structure an effective program. We at The J. Morey Company have established long-standing relationships with global trade credit insurers to meet the evolving needs of global commerce.  
  • Client satisfaction - Our clients are deeply satisfied with our thoughtful approach to risk management and attentiveness to their evolving business needs.
  • Tailored approach - We have an effective process to assess clients’ needs and skillfully structure an effective insurance program to address coverage challenges while minimizing overall program cost.
  • Longstanding history: For over 41 years, we have been providing clients with value added services, professional guidance, and high quality products that are cost sensitive to their needs and budgetary requirements.

No such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy.

At The J. Morey Company, we understand that options can sometimes be overwhelming. Our knowledgeable and helpful agents can work with you to find the coverage you need.

Request a quote now and let the professionals at The J. Morey Company help you find the best trade credit insurance policy for your needs.