Lessors Risk Insurance For Property Owners

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Lessors Risk Insurance

Imagine that you own an apartment complex. While walking through the courtyard, a tenant slips, and falls hard on the wet pavement, causing multiple injuries. You may be liable for their injuries, which could add up to a substantial loss. Would you able to pay for the loss out of pocket? Having Lessors Risk insurance could help.

What does Lessors Risk cover?

Lessors Risk policies provide broad coverage for property and liability. It can cover many types of loss including:

  • Tenant injuries from negligence in maintaining the property or failing to warn the tenant of a potential safety hazard
  • Theft or vandalism of tenant’s property or tenant’s customer’s property
  • Fair rental value coverage to cover lost income due to your property ever being declared unlivable due to a covered loss.
  • Personal injury protection should a tenant claim injuries arising out of libel, slander, invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction or wrongful entry.
  • Litigation expenses from tenant-related lawsuits
  • Property damage due to fire, burst pipes, or water backup

Who needs Lessors Risk Insurance?

Any property owner that rents out at least 25% of their property should protect their assets by purchasing Lessors Risk insurance.
Lessors Risk policies are very common among these types of property owners:

  • Apartment building
  • Warehouse
  • Retail building
  • Commercial office space

Claims Example

Let’s explore a claims example to illustrate how Lessors Risk Insurance can come into play.

You rent out a commercial rental space to a store that sells and repairs smart phones. A customer comes in to purchase a new phone. On her way out, she slips on the recently waxed floor and hits her head on the corner of the counter, causing a deep gash and concussion. Her new phone is also smashed as a result of the fall. She files a lawsuit against you, the building owner, for medical expenses and reimbursement for her inability to work while she was being treated. Luckily, she had purchased the warranty for the phone so you are not held liable for the property damage, but there are hefty legal attorney expenses that you are also your responsibility.

In addition to our competitive rates, our scope of service at the J. Morey Company encompasses a diverse network of experienced underwriters, keen attention to detail, and comprehensive assessment of exposures specifically for your business.

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