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Getting a Tutor Insurance Quote has never been easier with CoverSmart!

As an independent tutor, you work with students to better understand certain subjects and excel in their studies. You need a reliable insurance policy that would protect you in the event of a lawsuit brought upon you by an unsatisfied parent or student. A tutor insurance policy would protect you in situations such as:

  • If a student trips over your bag during a session, they can bring a lawsuit against you. General Liability can cover both the lawsuit and medical expenses.
  • If a parent accuses you of failing to prepare their child for a test, Professional Liability can cover both legal fees and potential damages of the claim resulting from a lawsuit.
  • If the property used for your business is damaged in a fire or stolen, you can be covered for its replacements with Business Personal Property coverage.
  • If your computer is hacked and your clients’ information is stolen, most states require that you notify each client in writing. Cyber Liability can cover the costs and help guide you through this process.

We’ve partnered with the easy-to-use CoverSmart Insurance Platform to offer comprehensive Liability Insurance for corporate trainers, school tutors, student teachers, and freelance tutors.

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