November 02, 2016

This is what I'm thankful for.

This is why I work hard. Why I live. What gives me inspiration. What I love.

What I protect.

What I'm thankful for.

Whether it is your family, a personal accomplishment, a small joy in life such as a home cooked meal made by a loved one, or something nice that someone recently did for you, there is always something to be grateful for.

Take a few moments to reflect upon the good in your life. We've challenged our staff to do the same and share with us what they're thankful for. We'll be posting them throughout the month of November; follow us on Facebook and Instagram to read our staff's stories of gratitude!

Want to help us spread the good vibes?

Two ways to add to our Gratitude Project:

  1. Comment below to add to our #JMCGratitudeProject. If you're feeling inspired, send us a photo with your caption! Photo submissions can be emailed to aarikawa@jmoreyins.com.
  2. Post a picture on your Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #JMCGratitudeProject. Also be sure to tag @The J. Morey Company (Facebook) or @jmoreyins (Instagram).