JMC 2016 Photo Contest Entries

April 18, 2016

  1. 1. Graduated from college? See if you’re eligible for an alumni discount!
  2. One of our former employees dropped by our offices recently for a meeting. Philip worked for our company when he was in high school and now works at Method Technologies, Inc. We love having familiar faces visit, always part of the J. Morey Company family!
  3. The J. Morey Company Zoo! Representing the many insurance carriers that we work with.
  4. Always keeping up with our continuing education as an insurance professional! #NeverStopLearning
  5. Meet our newest account rep, Norbert. Just horsing around- Happy April Fool’s Day!
  6. The J. Morey Company abroad: Blue Mosque in Istanbul. [Wonder how much it would cost to insure that?]
  7. JMC words of wisdom:
    “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.”
    – Winston Churchill
    This month we’re highlighting another long time member of our team:
  8. When ball is life, but you gotta work, work, work, work, work. #WorkHardPlayBall
  9. Original Articles of Incorporation for Bungoro Morey (grandfather to the founders of the J. Morey Company). The Asia Company general store was one of the first businesses in Little Tokyo. If you look closely, the Articles of Incorporation say 1907. 100 years later, we are still here!
    #tbt #history
  10. Springtime is in full bloom in San Jose!
    Spring is a great time to deep clean (think lint from the dryer hose and behind the refrigerator) and update your home to help prevent costly homeowners insurance claims.
  11. Check out one of our account managers already scouting the next generation of talent.
  12. Spring is in the air at The J. Morey Company!
  13. Dog owner’s guide to Homeowners Insurance [starring Oliver the Long-haired Dachshund!]
    Find out how Dog Breeds can affect Homeowner Insurance:
  14. The J. Morey Company wants to say “thank you” to each of our friends for the privilege of being able to handle your insurance! Whether we’ve only sent over a few quotes or we’ve taken care of your family for generations, we are always looking for ways to give back. With that in mind, do you have a favorite place you like to shop at or restaurant you’ve been wanting to try? Well, today may be your lucky day! Complete the process below and we will enter you into a drawing to win a $20 GIFT CARD to the store or restaurant of your choice.
    • Anyone can play, simply vote for this photo (1 chance to win)
    • The last day for submissions will be Friday, April 22nd.