Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Business Inventory?

October 09, 2018

Home Based Business: Direct Sales Consultants

Do you own your own business and operate out of your home?  There are many types of home-based businesses, but one that has become increasingly popular is the direct sales consultant.  Direct sales is a great way to earn an income while also having the flexibility to work from home.  As a direct sales consultant, you could have a lot of inventory on-hand whether it be jewelry, Tupperware, skin care products, or clothing.  With all this inventory in your home, you want to make sure you are properly insured.

“What are the risks?”

For direct sales consultants, your home-based business could be at risk, especially if one of these common situations were to occur:

  • Someone steals some of your inventory from a craft fair
  • A house fire damages your inventory
  • A customer slips and falls at one of your pop-up parties
  • One of your friends gets in a car accident on the way home from your pop-up party where she was drinking wine, and you are held liable

“How can I make sure I’m covered?”

More than 20 million households currently have a home-based business exposure; however, most homeowners policies do not provide adequate coverage in case something were to happen.  This is where CoverSmart comes in.  CoverSmart provides free quotes and coverage options at competitive prices to fit your individual needs.  Here are the types of coverage solutions that CoverSmart can provide:

The J. Morey Company has partnered with the easy-to-use CoverSmart Insurance Platform to provide you, a direct sales consultant, with great coverage and free online quotes in under 2 minutes.  Check out our web page dedicated to the CoverSmart Program to get a free, no obligation quote today!

“What if I am not a direct sales consultant, but I still operate a home-based business?”

CoverSmart also supports many other home-based businesses such as independent bakers, photographers, and wedding and event planners to name a few.  You can find all the listed classes on our web page as well as on the CoverSmart website.

The CoverSmart Program is an online quoting platform backed by United States Liability Insurance companies (USLI) and is rated A++ Superior for financial stability by the A.M. Best Company.


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