Getting Insurance for Bakeries in California has never been easier with The J. Morey Company!

What does a typical day at a bakery look like? A mother and daughter peer into the glass case with huge smiles on their faces, picking out a couple of afternoon treats to enjoy. A man picks up a cake for his son’s 5th birthday, and thanks you for the custom-made firetruck cake that he knows his son will be overjoyed to eat.

You’ve worked hard to make your dream come to life. Operating a bakery takes an enormous amount of energy, but you are rewarded with the satisfaction of giving customers enjoyment from sharing your baked goods with loved ones.

Managing a bakery also has its fair share of risks that can prevent you from keeping your dream alive. Having customized insurance for bakeries that plans for potential exposures is a key component of ensuring your bakery’s success for years to come.

Our team of insurance specialists can help guide you through the process, identifying risks, presenting appropriate coverages, and making sure that all of your questions are answered. With the many trusted insurance carriers that we work with, we’re sure to have some of the most competitive rates in the area.

Key Insurance Coverages for Bakeries

  • Workers Compensation:
    • California businesses are required by law to carry workers compensation. This policy provides medical coverage for your employees if they are injured on the job. In the hustle & bustle of a bakery kitchen, burns and other work-related injuries could easily occur.
  • General Liability:
    • General Liability insurance protects you and your business if a customer or vendor were to sue you over property damage, bodily injury, or advertising injury. If a customer claims your food led to an allergic reaction or that they injured themselves on your property and it leads to a lawsuit, this type of policy will provide coverage.
    • Product Liability protects you against claims if your baked goods become contaminated with harmful particles and lead to food poisoning.
  • Property Insurance:
    • Property insurance covers damage to your building and your business’ physical assets. Your bakery likely uses expensive, specialized equipment that you’ll want to protect.
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability:
    • These policies provide an additional layer of insurance, and go into effect after the limits of your general liability policy are exhausted.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance:
    • You handle countless orders and collect customer information every day. A cyber liability policy will help protect your business against virus or malware attacks, liability to third parties, and help with the costs of recovering from a cyber attack.

In addition to our competitive rates, our scope of service encompasses a diverse network of experienced underwriters, keen attention to detail, and comprehensive assessment of exposures specifically for your business.

We have a large network of competitive insurance companies that we work with to get low rates for our retail bakery clients. Retail bakeries from Northern California to Southern California are eligible for this program.

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