What’s the Best Way to Determine my Personal Property Limit?

Whether you own a home or condo, or are renting an apartment, you’ll need an insurance policy that insures your personal property. But how do I determine my personal property limit?

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when trying to determine what is an adequate personal property limit for your needs. The minimum for most insurance companies is around $25,000, but it varies by company.

The best way to get an estimate of your personal property value is to walk through your home and take note of any item of value. Usually a photo inventory and a written description (either on your computer or in a physical notebook) can help organize and give you an idea of what you own.

Sample Printable Home Inventory Forms Here.

Make sure you keep copies of these documents in another location. This is in case there’s a natural disaster or something happens to the original copies.

When you contact your insurance agent about your personal property limit, you can provide information from this list during your discussion of how much coverage you need.

There may be certain sub-limits for high value items to be aware of on your policy that your agent can discuss with you.

Most commonly, these items include:

  • Jewelry and furs
  • Silverware
  • Firearms
  • Fine art

Other items could also be included depending on the insurance company.

Be sure to bring up any particularly high value items (over $5,000 in value) to your agent so that you can make sure they’re covered or add them as a scheduled item.