12 Items to Keep at Your Desk

Let’s face it – when you’re working in an office environment, you spend a lot of time at your desk (sometimes as many hours as you spend sleeping). This being said, doesn’t it make sense to ensure this space is as best equipped as possible?


This list of office necessities will only not ensure organization to help maximize your productivity, but it will also prepare you for any obstacles you might face while working:


  1. Planner

I cannot do anything without my planner! It really helps to keep me organized and on track with the tasks I need to complete every day. My personal preference is the Day Designer daily planner. I love that it has the hourly space (which is perfect to write in appointments, meetings, etc.) as well as a to-do list!


  1. Sticky Note Set

Sticky notes are perfect for keeping small reminders around your desk. I also love to use them to avoid misplacing an important piece of paper. This sticky note set is great for organizing your notes, making to do-lists, and reminding yourself of tasks you need to accomplish today.


  1. Desk Organizer

Productivity decreases when you have to continually spend time sifting through a large stack of papers or reshuffling everything on your desk. This desk organizer is great for keeping your desk clutter-free. The several compartments make it easy to find your papers right away.


  1. Stain Remover

I am notorious for getting food, sauce, coffee, etc. on my clothes. On-the-go stain removers like Tide To Go make it so easy to solve this problem!


  1. Band Aids

Papercuts and blisters from those super cute heels are no joke. Keeping a pack of band aids in your desk drawer is never a bad idea.


  1. Painkillers

For me, nothing is worse than having to work while enduring a lingering headache. Throbbing pains of any kind can negatively impact your productivity. Keeping ibuprofen nearby (or painkillers of your preference) is definitely an essential for me.


  1. Spare Flats

Heels break, blisters are painful, and being uncomfortable for 8 hours is absolutely no fun. In the case of any shoe emergency, it is important to keep a pair of comfortable flats in your desk drawer.


I really love the Chinese Laundry Easy Does It D’Orsay Flat.


  1. Black Blazer

Having a black blazer at all times ensures that you will look business professional in the event of something like a surprise meeting. This J. Crew Going Out Blazer is a classic.


  1. Beauty Kit

A to-go makeup bag will really save you on those days you are running late and completely forgot about an in-person meeting! It is also great for touching up during the day.


In my bag you can find:


  1. Sweater or Scarf

Most offices are cold from the air conditioning consistently blasting. Keeping a cute pullover or cardigan at your desk is great to keep warm all year round!


  1. Non-perishable Snacks

Being hangry (hungry and angry) is a real thing! That 3 o’clock low-energy feeling can be combatted with a little afternoon snack to pick up your energy.


Some healthy snack suggestions are:


  1. Tea

Tea is awesome for keeping you hydrated or caffeinated throughout the day without getting the jitters. The aromatic pick-me-up is also great for the afternoon. Personally, I really enjoy matcha green teas for a little caffeine boost. I also really like to keep lavender and/or chamomile tea for times when I get stressed or anxious.






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