Water Park Safety

Water parks are a great way to cool off and beat the heat in the summer. The water attractions and wild rides are so much fun, but it is important to stay safe during your water park visit. Before you head out to your local park be sure to read over our safety tips!



  • Wear Sunscreen

In order to protect your skin, be sure to apply waterproof sunscreen 30 minutes before you arrive at the park and reapply every 80 minutes you’ve been in the water. A lip balm (SPF 15+) is also very useful for long days in the sun.



My personal sunscreen preference is mama KULEANA sunscreen. It is both SPF 30 and waterproof.


If you are looking for longer protection, the Kokua Sun Care Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen is SPF 50 as well as waterproof.


The Raw Elements Outdoor Lip Rescue  is SPF 30 and perfect for long days in the sun.



  • Stay Hydrated

It sounds ironic, but playing in the water can really dehydrate your body. It is important to drink plenty of water and avoid sodas and other drinks with artificial sweeteners because these beverages also contribute to dehydration.


Don’t forget your reusable bottles! These are my personal favorites because they keep water icy cold all day long:




  • Know the Four “Too’s”

Don’t get too tired, too cold, too far from safety, or too exposed to the sun. If you start to feel this way or notice someone in your group mentioning these things make sure to get to some shade or go indoors.


  • Obey the Park Rules

This may seem obvious, but the rules are there for a reason. Each park has different rules, so be sure to read all safety procedures and precautions. If you do have any questions, ask the lifeguards or staff!


  • Bring Warm, Dry Clothes

After spending the day on water slides and wave pools, it is so nice to get out of those wet swimsuits and into warm, dry clothes for the ride home.



Here are some local water parks to check out this summer:


Southern California


This is an entirely indoor waterpark with kid-friendly activities, dining, shopping, and more. The waterpark is exclusive to guests staying at the lodge. Your stay here includes access to the waterpark’s 14 slides, four pools, and other special activities.


This is the largest water park in the OC and includes a total of 22 speed, tube and body slides plus a giant wave pool, lazy river, and interactive kids area.



Raging Waters Los Angeles is California’s largest waterpark! The park sits on 60 acres and is home to more than 50 rides, slides, and attractions for all ages to enjoy!


  • Splash Kingdom Waterpark (Redlands, CA)

Splash Kingdom recently re-opened in 2018, featuring over 20 water slides, two massive pools with obstacles, and designated kiddie areas. Not only do they have a water park, but the park also has a large outdoor amphitheater, race cart track, four mini-golf courses, and sports lounge. The ultimate summer hangout destination!



Northern California


Aqua Adventure is a 3-acre family-oriented waterpark located on lake Elizabeth/Central Park. There is a 4-story tower which leads you to 4 twisting waterslides, a lazy river, tots play area, spray-ground, and a swimming pool!


Raging Waters San Jose is Northern California’s largest waterpark with over a million gallons of water rides, slides, attractions, and 23 acres of fun!