Fighting For a World Without Domestic Violence & Abuse

The Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year! The J. Morey Company has been a proud supporter for many years and is thrilled to see the impact that they have and continue to have on the community.

CPAF 40th Anniversary

To commemorate their significant milestone, we spoke with CPAF board member Dr. Brittany Morey, PhD, MPH to tell us more about how CPAF is working to address domestic violence and assault issues, as well as get to know Morey’s story and personal involvement with CPAF.

The Center for the Pacific Asian Family, also known as CPAF, was founded to help address domestic violence and sexual assault in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. An issue that was not openly discussed within these groups for many years, CPAF plays an important role in building healthy relationships and safe communities.

CPAF offers several resources to survivors of sexual assault. There is a 24/7 hotline available if an individual is in trouble or seeking advice. Emergency and transitional shelters are offered to women and families seeking a place to stay and find resources to help get them living independently. CPAF also has an alumni program, where they keep in touch with families and kids that have gone through their programs to follow up and build a network of survivors. A unique aspect of CPAF is its cultural awareness and understanding; they offer in-language translation services on their hotline, as well as culturally appropriate resources to survivors of these situations.

Prevention is also a key emphasis for CPAF. They have been working on programs to educate kids and women on how to prevent domestic violence and break out of the vicious cycle of abuse. By teaching kids how to express emotions in a non-violent way, CPAF hopes to eradicate domestic violence issues in future generations.

It is amazing to see the impact CPAF has across the nation; they support and provide resources to individuals near and far. There have been cases of women from the Midwest that have taken buses from the middle of the country to seek shelter and help at CPAF’s facilities in California. This goes to show how valuable CPAF’s services are for not only local communities, but to people nationwide.

Brittany has been involved with CPAF for a number of years. She first heard about the organization in 2008 and shortly after, began volunteering with them. She was looking for an organization to get involved with and the more she learned about them, the more passionate she became about the work that they did. She started by volunteering at a transitional shelter, helping with child development and working with kids while their mothers got their lives in order or were working to make ends meet. A survivor of sexual harassment and assault herself, Brittany is able to show compassion for the individuals she works with and demonstrates that they too can overcome these obstacles.

Since her first experience volunteering with CPAF, Brittany has continued to donate her time to helping with various programs and attend their annual galas. This past year, she was approached to get involved with the CPAF Board of Directors, where she is now serving as a Board Member.

Last year, Brittany also received her PhD in Public Health. She says that CPAF inspired her to do research in public health, where her emphasis is on the Asian American community and how one’s social circumstance affects their health. Now conducting her post-doctorate graduate research at the University of California, Riverside, she hopes that her research will help with health prevention and wellness.

Throughout the time that Brittany has been involved, CPAF has exponentially expanded their reach and has been able to help hundreds of people. They have added more shelters and have increased the number of families that they are able to accommodate. This past year, they merged with another domestic women’s shelter, which has helped them increase their resources. CPAF is also more focused than ever on education and prevention, and would like to become a familiar household name as a service that people know they can count on.

Brittany urges everyone to do their part to help stop domestic violence and sexual assault. 1 in 4 women have experienced some sort of issue, but by bringing awareness to these issues, hopefully we can one day bring an end to the cycle.


Above: The J. Morey Company at CPAF’s Gala in 2016


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