Staying Organized and Motivated 2018

The new year is the perfect time to reset and refocus ourselves on our goals. Personally, I think staying organized and on top of things should be an everyday goal because it really makes your life that much easier. Here are some of my recommendations.


  • Use a Planner

This is my hands down #1 tip. I would be so lost without my planner. I write my to do lists in here, reminders, my daily schedule, homework assignments, anything you can think of. My personal favorites are the Passion Planner ( and the Pretty Simple Planner (


  • Set Time to Plan

On Sunday nights I set aside some time, usually an hour or so before I go to sleep, to write in my week. I love doing this because it is really nice to see what I have in store for the week and exactly what I need to prepare for.


  • Schedule Chores

I have found this to be so helpful. Once I figure out my schedule I figure out time slots where I can complete certain chores. For example, on Tuesday mornings I vacuum and wipe down surfaces, Saturdays are sweeping and swiffering the kitchen, Sundays are for laundry. This way your chores don’t all pile up at once and you do not have to spend an entire day cleaning.


  • Make your Bed

This is so cliché and over said but it is true. Making your bed helps to keep your room clean and prevents you from crawling back in in the mornings.


  • Figure Out When you are Most Productive

This is such a great tool to use because it can really optimize the amount of work you get done in an allotted time. This varies for everyone, but it can help save you so much time.


  • Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day

This might seem silly but I like to do this to prevent the “Monday blues.” Every morning I try to wake up between 6:30-7. If I don’t have any early plans I will allow myself to lay in bed for longer and just lounge around the house, but nonetheless I am up. By waking up at the same time everyday I don’t allow my body or mind to think that one day is more special than another.