Staying Warm This Winter


November is upon us and the temperatures have finally dropped. Instead of running the heater (and your electricity bill) here are alternative ways to stay warm this winter:


  1. Use curtains

A set of heavy curtains can block heavy drafts of air.


  1. Put down a rug or carpet

Rugs and carpets can help the prevent heat loss through the floor.


  1. Start a warm fire

If you have a fire place this can help heat up your house.


  1. Light a candle

Candles can produce a lot of heat.


  1. Turn on lights

The average incandescent light bulb releases up to 95% of its energy as heat rather than light, making it an extremely efficient heat source.


  1. Drink warm beverages

This can help to raise your core temperature.


  1. Use a hair dryer

You can either quickly spot-heat parts of your body or even your clothes in the morning.


  1. Consider using an electric blanket

This can help keep you warm at night and is a cheaper alternative to a wall heater.