Rakkan Ramen Comes to Los Angeles

Rakkan ramen is a Japanese-chain that made its debut in the US at the beginning of July. It is located in Little Tokyo on 1st street near Central Avenue, where Toshi Sushi used to be, and is open from 11 am to 11 pm.


The English translation for Rakkan is optimism and before opening his restaurant, manager Ryohei Ito was a chef for PEACE BOAT. This is a Japan-based international charity that works to promote human rights, peace, and the development of sustainable agriculture.


Rakkan’s vegetable and fish based broths offer a clean tasting broth that is a refreshing change from the huge surge in ramen shops specializing in the heavier “Tonkotsu”-style fatty pork broth. They also cater to the very popular vegetarian and vegan lifestyles with a vegan tomato and tofu ramen.


There are four different broths to choose from: soy sauce (shoyu), miso, salt, or tomato. They are especially known for the Hachioji-style shoyu base. It features soy sauce with chopped onions, diced scallions, and high-quality olive oil. The combination meals are reasonably priced and include a mini or large bowl side with choices such as grilled pork, crispy fried chicken, or a vegan avocado tofu bowl.


Rakkan is currently running a $6 ramen bowl promotion until December 31st of this year. To redeem this offer you either need a paper coupon or you can check in on Yelp. Check out their full menu here: https://www.yelp.com/menu/rakkan-down-town-1st-los-angeles-9


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