When Ants Attack

Ants indulge in large amounts of food during the fall and live off of the fat they store from this time while they hibernate during the winter months. This is unfortunate for us because when spring rolls around the ants wake up hungry. Ants are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, etc. because they have exactly what they want- food and water. If this is happening to you here are some tips to stop your summer ant problem:


  1. Don’t spray the ants!

The ants you see are “worker ants.” Their sole purpose is to find food and take it back to feed the queen and the next generation of worker ants. By spraying them you will not only lose sight of the colony but the queen will just continue making more.


  1. Bait

Place ant bait along the ants’ trail. The worker ants will carry this back to the nest, eventually killing both the queen and future workers.


  1. Orange

Ants despise the smell of oranges. Blend a few orange peels with some warm water. Use this to spray the affected areas when it is time.


  1. Be Patient

The colony may be very large, or it may have more than one queen. If need be you can replace the ant bait.


  1. Keep your space clean

Ants come out looking for food and water so don’t make it easy for them to survive. Keep your foods sealed and all surfaces clean.


  1. Keep them out

Seal any windows, doors, cables, pipes, etc. that ants can use as entry points to your house.




photo from 123rf.com