Exercising Tips and Tricks for the Summer Heat

Summer is quickly approaching and with that comes hotter temperatures and higher humidity. This doesn’t mean our fitness routines need to be put on the backburner. Here are some tips for staying cool while exercising this summer:


  1. Exercise in Cooler Places

Instead of walking/running on asphalt which   tends to attract heat from the sun, use trails that have shady woods or beach shorelines that carry a nice breeze. These areas tend to be about 10 degrees cooler than those in your neighborhood.


2. Indoor Workouts

This is the time of year to take your intense cardio indoors. This may be utilizing your gym membership where you can
exercise in an air-conditioned gym or even working out at home with fitness DVDs and other strength training routines.


  1. Split Up Your Workouts

You don’t have to complete your workout all at once. If your body can only handle 10 minutes at a time then split your workout into 10 minute intervals throughout the day.


4. Get A Wet Workout

Exercising in a pool or lake is a quick and easy way to stay cool. Look for water aerobics classes at your local gym. You can also try activities like paddle-boarding or water volleyball.


5. Avoid Exercise At Peak Temperatures

From 10 am-4 pm the heat from the sun is its strongest. In order to stay cool avoid working out during this peak time. Instead wake up for an early run or if you aren’t a morning person,  end your day with a nice night walk.


These small adjustments are simple ways we can all stay fit and active throughout this summer!