Your Greatest Source of Untapped Inspiration (and How to Use it to Grow Your Company)

What makes a successful company thrive? If you take a look at these notable companies- Nike, Google, Apple to name a few- you will see a pattern. These companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their business model, create new products and services, and find better ways to support their employees (both in job productivity and wellness!).

Your Employees Are Your Greatest Source of Untapped Inspiration

Management teams don’t always know what will help their employees or what they want. They can take an educated guess, but often times they are not the actual individuals that are involved in the day-to-day tasks. Giving your employees the opportunity to contribute new ideas can provide a fresh outlook on how processes can be improved or needs can be fulfilled. They also have the chance to voice what employee benefits that they value and want. Maybe they have ideas of how to make the workplace more enjoyable for everyone, or are feeling like they need more training on certain topics. Getting input from your staff can be a valuable source of untapped inspiration that can benefit the company.

Last month, our J. Morey Company staff came together for a company-wide Creative Day. It was a fun way to break up the daily routine, interact with different team members, and generate a long list of ideas that we can begin reviewing and implementing throughout the rest of the year.

Finding Inspiration from Disney Imagineers

The inspiration behind the Creative Day came from one of the most creative empires in the world, The Walt Disney Company. We wanted to see how they constantly find and implement new ideas for their company.

One of the methods that The Walt Disney Company uses to encourage creativity is collaborative brainstorming. This process involves bringing together everyone from different departments to share new ideas. Bringing together an eclectic group of people, regardless of their department, allows everyone to share valuable insights and different perspectives. Getting as many ideas from different people is one of the most important steps to growing the company, and the goal of a collaborative brainstorm.

So How Did It Work?

We generated over 60 new ideas from our Creative Day brainstorm. Every individual came with at least two ideas that seemed to produce another one or two ideas. They were all ideas that would contribute to helping our company to grow in some way, shape, or form. After breaking off into smaller groups, we selected a few ideas to further discuss and present to the rest of the group details on how to implement it into our current business operations.

Collaborative Brainstorming is a productive way to involve the entire company in generating new ideas for improve the company. Interested in hosting your own Creative Day? Here are some helpful tips on planning out the day.

Tips for Hosting Your Own Company Creative Day

  • Set guidelines & an agenda– Before starting, be sure to create a process of how people can take turns sharing ideas and if there are any topics that you’d like to focus on. Let your staff know what to expect for the day by setting an agenda and going over it at the beginning of the day.
  • Create a safe space– Provide employees with an environment that encourages innovation and active participation. Every individual has great ideas to help the company. Find a way to make everyone comfortable enough to share their thoughts.
  • Limit road blocks– Keep the ideas flowing by keeping objections to a minimum. All ideas can be reviewed in further detail later. Today’s purpose is to brainstorm and share ideas, not knock them down. Try to be supportive of everyone’s thoughts and opinions- all possibilities should be considered.
  • Provide snacks– Food is always a great idea to make a day feel special and add motivation. Coffee, pastries, and bagels go a long way.
  • Have fun!– This is the time to be creative and think outside of the box. Keep the mood light and fun.

creative day

Have you hosted or participated in a collaborative brainstorm at your company? Tell us how it went!