9 Ways to Prepare Your Home for El Niño Season


Are you prepared for the anticipated El Niño rains? A combination of drought, wildfire damage and heavy rain can lead to flooding, even in places where you might not expect it.

This season’s weather patterns have created a climate phenomenon known as El Niño, with heavy rainfall expected to take place between January and March. Rain has long been overdue, but a combination of drought and wildfires has left the earth unable to quickly absorb water, causing flood risk to significantly increase.

Standard homeowners and commercial insurance policies do not cover flood damage from rain so it’s important to prepare for this season’s El Niño rains. Even as little as two inches of flooding from a strong rainstorm can cause over $10,000 in damages.

How can you prepare?

Here’s a checklist of ways to prepare your home for heavy rain:

  1. Make sure doorways and windows are sealed. Inspect them for cracks and chips.
  2. Locate your breaker box and make sure the switches are clearly labeled.
  3. Keep important documents in a safe, water-proof container. Be sure to include a document with a list of important phone numbers and contact information.
  4. Prepare an emergency kit (Ideas of what to put in an emergency kit).
  5. Evaluate roof for loose or cracked shingles.
  6. Inspect drainage in the areas surrounding your home. Clear blocked drains.
  7. Prepare sandbags in the case that water starts to rise. This first line of defense could prevent some water from moving into your home or garage.
  8. Clean debris from gutters. Clear dead branches from trees on your property.
  9. Invest in flood insurance. Planning ahead financially for a natural disaster could save you a lot of money if mother nature gets out of hand. Flood insurance policies take 30 days to take effect, so be sure to take that into consideration when making your decision and plan ahead.

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Plan ahead: Protect your property, protect yourself.

Check back for our next post on ways that business owners can prepare for El Niño season!

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