7 Top Reasons Why Christmas is Better Without Snow

  1. We Can Drive

As far as we’re concerned, the worst thing that’s going to happen to us this time of year is a little bit of rain. Besides having to turn on our windshield wipers, this doesn’t do much to hinder the driving experience. Thanks to the lack of snow, no one has to worry about showing up late to Grandma’s Christmas morning. At the same time there’s nothing keeping you from leaving

  1. Getting Dressed is an Easy Task

Just throw on a sweatshirt and you’re pretty much set. Since there’s no snow, no one has to spend half an hour putting on layer after layer to just end up taking is all off once you reach your destination. Anyone wearing a scarf is probably trying too hard.

  1. Sandals

Sticking on the topic of clothing, fans of not having to put on shoes won’t have much adjusting to do. Besides a rainy day, sandals can be pretty much worn all days of the year, unless you work of course.

  1. Sports

People can still play any sport they want. No snow means that fields are open for business. This is why kids from the West Coast are generally better at sports. Need some proof? Take a look at the Little League World Series.

  1. The Beach

This is not a benefit for the weak of heart. The beach during the winter is not better than the beach during the summer by any means. But they are still readily available for those who are really craving that ocean smell. All you need to do is dress a little warmer, get a bonfire going, and abandon any hope of going into the water.

  1. More Closet Space

So yeah, clothes have a lot to do with why snow just seems like a big inconvenience. Think about how much space a big snow jacket takes in your closet. It’s takes up more size than 4 regular sweatshirts and for most of the year it just sits there taking up space. Then when you get new clothes you have no where to put them and then you get lazy and then you leave everything on the floor and then your rooms a mess and then you’re sleeping in your own filth. Now that seems like a lot of work just to play in the snow.

  1. No Need for Fire

Now my experience with snow on a long-term basis is pretty short but I have taken vacations where there is snow. One thing that is substantial different about houses that are in snowy areas is that they actually use their fireplaces. There is always a big stack of wood just sitting outside ready to be thrown onto the fire. But where does it come from? You have to chop it yourself and that is back breaking work especially when it’s cold. Seems like a lot of work just to keep room temperature.