Jacob Hashimoto’s ‘Gas Giant’ Art Installation: A Must See

Jacob Hashimoto’s art installation Gas Giant is currently being featured at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Pacific Design Center location in West Hollywood. I visited the installation last weekend and it completely exceeded my expectations.

Gas Giant can be described as thousands of carefully crafted pieces of patterned paper hanging in colorful patterns at different levels. Inspired by Japanese kite-making, Hashimoto has created a beautiful interpretation of nature through paper and string.

Jacob Hashimoto's Gas Giant Photo by Ashley
Jacob Hashimoto’s Gas Giant
Photo by Ashley

There are two main rooms connected by a set of stairs that wind around a blind corner. Upon walking into the first room, you’ll see a black and white color scheme. The second room is much more colorful.

Photo by Ashley
Photo by Ashley

Every glance, your eye will catch something new: a new detail, color or shape. The installation is very interesting to the eye and standing among the forest of kites will make you feel completely immersed in and in awe of Hashimoto’s work.

This installation has also been showcased in Venice, Italy and Chicago, Illinois. This is Hashimoto’s first solo exhibition. I highly recommend visiting this exhibit before it leaves Los Angeles, as it is well worth it to see it in person.

Gas Giant will be at the MOCA Pacific Design Center until June 8, 2014.

MOCA Pacific Design Center
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West Hollywood, CA 90069

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