Using Leftover Boiled Eggs in Japanese-Inspired Recipes

One of the traditions associated with Easter in America is dyeing and decorating hard boiled eggs. However, what do you do with a dozen leftover hard boiled eggs?

Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate hard boiled eggs into Japanese food-inspired recipes:

  • Top your noodles with eggs: After peeling the shells off of the eggs, slice the egg in half and put it on ramen. You can also slice the egg into thinner, matchstick-sized pieces to top hiyashi-chuka cold ramen noodles.
  • Make Japanese-style egg salad sandwiches: This would make an easy and delicious lunch! Instructions for making an egg salad sandwich bento here.
  • Add it to your salad: Make a salad with your choice of greens and veggies (we recommend cucumber, tomatoes, and radish slices) and top with sliced hard boiled eggs. Finish with a light, Japanese-style mustard miso dressing like this one.
  • Try making devilled eggs inspired by Japanese flavors: Jazz up deviled eggs with a dash of wasabi powder like this recipe here.
Hard boiled egg in ramen
Image: Ashley