Recap of Recent Earthquakes: March 2014

Three earthquakes within the past month: A magnitude 2.6 earthquake near Fresno yesterday, a magnitude 4.4 in Westwood last Monday, and a magnitude 6.9 off the coast of Northern California on March 10.

Here’s a brief re-cap of some of the recent earthquakes that have hit California in the month of March:

Yesterday, a small 2.6 magnitude quake hit Northern California at 1:13am, its epicenter one mile south of Laton in Fresno County. Because the quake started from 22 miles beneath the ground, the quake was only felt in the immediate area.

Just a week before, a 4.4 tremor was felt in Southern California at 6:25am, its epicenter in the UCLA college town of Westwood. The quake, which is the strongest to hit Southern California this year, was felt as far as Orange County and Camarillo. However, the reported damage was limited to cracks in walls, fallen objects, and a few broken windows.

A hilarious video of KTLA anchors reacting to the quake on live television has gone viral on YouTube with over 13 million views. You can watch it here.

Lastly, just over two weeks ago on March 10, there was a larger 6.9 magnitude earthquake off the Northern California coast. It hit about 50 miles off the coast of
Eureka at 10:18pm with more than 15 smaller aftershocks in the area thereafter,
and was felt in the San Francisco area and parts of Oregon.


The many recent earthquakes in California have once again reminded us that the “Big One” may be due to hit our Golden State. Are you prepared?

In an upcoming blog post we’ll be sharing information about the California Earthquake Authority and ways to help you and your family prepare for the next big earthquake.

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