Easy-as-Pie Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Today is Pi Day!

Pi is the Greek letter and infinitely numbered mathematical constant used to calculate the circumference of a circle that starts with the numbers 3.14…

Today also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

In honor of March 14 (3/14), we’ve compiled some ways to celebrate pi with pie:

  • Watch a “Pi”-related movie. Some of our suggestions: The Life of Pi, Stand By Me, Sweeney Todd, The Help
  • Bake a pie (here’s a good place to find a recipe)
  • Don’t want to bake a pie, but still want to have a pie and eat it too? Check out our previous National Pie Day post from January.
  • If you don’t feel like eating dessert, there are still a number of “pies” to choose from: pizza pie, empanada, chicken pot pie…
  • Incorporate Pi Day into your workout. Go for a 3.14 mile walk or run (that’s just over a 5K).

Some restaurants are also having Pi Day specials.

Southern California:

Blaze Pizza: Various locations; $3.14 pizzas


Northern California:

Mission Pie: San Francisco; $3.14 slice of pie

Chile Pies: San Francisco; $3.14 slice of Lemon Buttermilk pie

Patxi’s Pies: San Jose, San Francisco, other locations throughout Northern CA;
$3.14 lunch special; 11:00am-4:00pm