Celebrating Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day)

Hinamatsuri, also known as Girl’s Day, is a holiday in Japan that celebrates girls and wishes them happiness, health, and prosperity.  It occurs every year on March 3. There is also Children’s/Boy’s Day, which happens on May 5.

On Girl’s Day, families with daughters will set up a multi-tiered hina doll display, which features the Emperor and Empress and their royal court. Families will often pass on a set of dolls between generations, but the displays can also be bought in stores. They will usually be displayed only a short period of time, between the end of February until March 3. The dolls are promptly put away on March 4, as superstition says leaving them out after March 4 will bring a late marriage for their daughter.

Chirashizushi and sakura mochi are usually eaten on Girl’s Day. Chirashizushi is a layered sushi dish with different types of fish and toppings over vinegar-flavored sushi rice. Sakura mochi is a Japanese confectionary made of sweet pink sticky mochi with red or white bean paste inside. Typically, a salted sakura leaf is wrapped around the mochi and can also be eaten.

Happy Hinamatsuri!

Sakura mochi Image: Ashley
Sakura mochi
Image: Ashley

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