J. Morey Picks: Top Five Japanese Cooking Blogs

Most times when I want to eat Japanese food, I can call a relative and manage to snag a recipe (if I’m lucky, I’ll even get cooking tips). Or being in the South Bay, there are a number of Japanese restaurants and markets to grab a meal.

However, I recently had the idea of looking up Japanese cooking blogs on the Internet. Although cooking blogs for this type of cuisine is not as common as other ethnic foods, there were still a number of quality blogs.

Here are our top five picks for Japanese cooking blogs:

  1. FOODjimoto: Japanese and American family recipes from the Fujimoto kitchen.
  2. Sushi Day: Maki-zushi, Nigiri recipes, and more.
  3. Just Hungry: Written by a Tokyo-born woman who now lives in France. Features Japanese food recipes, as well as recipes from France and its neighboring countries.
  4. Eat-Japan: All about Japanese food, including articles about Japanese food culture.
  5. Just One Cookbook: Easy Japanese recipes. Includes videos to demonstrate specific cooking techniques.

The next time you feel like eating Japanese food, explore one of our recommended blogs and try making it yourself!

Let us know in the comments section of any cooking blogs you recommend, or if you try one of the Japanese recipes that you find. We’d love to hear how it turns out.


Soba and musubi Photo by Ashley
Soba and musubi
Photo by Ashley