Vehicle Safety Features: Seatbelts, Airbags… Talking Cars?

A recent announcement revealed that by the year 2016, car manufacturers may be required to install vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems in new cars. This technology will allow vehicles to wirelessly communicate with other vehicles or the road to monitor distance between other cars and speed. These vehicle communications systems are the latest focus in safety features for car companies.

According to researchers, this new technology may provide more safety than seatbelts or airbags by sending warnings to drivers if the car senses that its current speed or relation to other cars puts the driver at risk of a collision.

The current systems operate independently from the brakes and steering, but the possibility of applying automatic braking technology, as offered in newer luxury vehicles, is also being explored. Many technology companies are showing marked interest in wanting to lead the way in creating the infrastructure for future vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems, including Cisco Systems Inc., Google Inc., and Tesla Motors Inc.

This innovation could be a huge breakthrough in reducing the number of vehicle-related accidents and fatalities.


Source: Insurance Journal