Winning $3000 at a Clippers Game– Priceless

Mike Kinoshita, one of our Account Executives, recently had the opportunity to shoot free throws at a Clippers game and win money in a promotion during the second quarter.

Tell us about what you participated in.

It was a promotion at the Clippers Game on January 6th that was sponsored by the Chumash Casino and Resort. During the second quarter of the game, I was called down to the court. At that point, I already won $500 for going down to the court. On the court, they placed these mats that spelled out “Chumash.” For every shot made from the different mats, I could earn another $500.

Account Exec. Mike Kinoshita at Clippers Game Image source: Mike
Shooting free throws at Clippers Game
Image source: Mike K.

Wow! How did you get picked for something like that?

I guess I just got lucky.

So how did you do?

I made 2 out of 7 shots, so I won $1500. Then, they told me that they would give me another chance to double my $1500 if I made the next shot. They had put another mat between me and the hoop to make it even harder. I made the shot and won $3000 all together.

That’s awesome. How did it feel to be on the court? Tell us about your experience.

It was cool because it was during the second quarter and ton of people were still there, so everyone saw it and went crazy.

What went through your mind when you made it?

Before going down to the court, I was shaking a little because I was pretty nervous and being on the court made me even more nervous. I was also excited because a lot of my friends were there and they were excited for me.

Do you play basketball regularly?

I play pretty often. I played four years in high school and have been playing since I was 6 or 7 years old.

I have always wanted to do something like this, just one time, so it was really cool. The Clippers won their game that night against the Orlando Magic too. This was something that I’ll always remember.