Five Time Management Tips and Tricks

Have you ever had a hard time starting a new project or a tough task, putting it off until the very last minute? I know I have, and most of the time procrastinating just makes you feel worse later.

Here are five tips to help you stop procrastinating and start checking off your ‘To Do’ List:

1. Start small.

Starting a smaller or easier task can encourage you to keep going. If it is a larger project, you can break it up into more manageable sections. Be sure to prioritize each task in order to ensure that you meet any important deadlines.

2. Understand why you are procrastinating.

When you are procrastinating, you are standing in the way of your own progress.  Are you avoiding a certain task because you don’t feel comfortable completing it? Maybe you need more training. Are you trying to shake off a bad mood by putting it off to do until later? Try taking a short walk to clear your mind. By realizing why you are procrastinating, you can begin to address the problem and make progress.

3. Set a timer and focus.

If you are having a hard time concentrating, set a timer for 30 minutes and try to focus distraction-free for that period of time. After the 30 minutes, take a couple of minutes to stretch and re-focus your mind before starting again.

4. Tell someone.

Telling someone that you have set a certain goal for yourself will help keep you focused by making you accountable for what you accomplish– or don’t accomplish. It should be someone that you know and can trust to keep you on track, such as a friend or family member.

5. Just get started.

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Try not to over think the task ahead of you, and just take action. By using some of the tips that we talked about, you’ll be on your way to completing your to-do list in no time.