Recipes from the J. Morey Staff: Tonkatsu

Several months ago my friend asked me to watch her son and his friend after school; I needed to pick them up from school and then feed them dinner.  I was given fair warning ahead of time that the son’s friend was very picky and only liked pizza and hotdogs, so I planned the dinner menu around those items.  However, I ultimately decided to nix the pizza and hot dogs, as I remembered that my friend’s son really likes Japanese food.  So instead, I decided to make them Tonkatsu.  Here’s the recipe: 

Boneless pork chops (can substitute w/chicken)
1 or 2 eggs (beaten)
Panko (bread crumbs)*
Oil to fry
Tonkatsu sauce
*enough to coat both sides of the pork chop


1.  Slightly tenderize the pork, then sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.  Evenly coat the pork with flour, then egg, then panko.

2.  Fry in about 3/4″ of oil in heavy-bottomed pan (the oil should be about 340 degrees) until browned.  Then, flip pork chop over to brown the other side.

3.  When done frying, transfer to a paper towel to absorb excess oil.  Cut into strips and serve with Tonkatsu sauce, rice and vegetables.


My friend’s son was happy that I made something that he really enjoys to eat, while his friend on the other hand was wary, but decided to try it anyways.  Both boys ended up having three helpings and the son’s friend said it was the best meal he’s had all year…and then changed it to the best meal he’s had all his life!  Needless to say, the Tonkatsu was a hit!