Would your California Home Insurance Cover an Avalanche?

In 2010, Mammoth, which is on the eastern side of the Golden States’ Sierra Nevada Mountains, was determined to have the most snow on earth according to several ski related sources. With over 18 feet covering the sloping mountain side, the occurrence of avalanches was common, as perhaps were California home insurance claims! Did you know there are methods used to avert such a disaster? Here are two you may not have heard about.

Boot packing is defined as the purposeful modification of snow by repeated walking the slopes, which condenses the flakes. This method works best with multiple people joining in the fun. Boot packing affects more than just the surface layer.

An alternative may be ski cutting. This activity consists of triggering small avalanches by skiing from side to side, from one fraction zone to the next. The key is starting at a high altitude and working your way down. Not something we’d recommend unless you’re an expert!

Mammoth Mountain is a majestic snow-covered slope in the winter, an endless outdoor adventure in the summer, and an overall great place to settle down if you love the snow. Just make sure you have a California home insurance policy that will encompass all the risks you face. With the proper cover, it will be easier to get your life back to normal after an avalanche and other unfortunate event.