From the Agent’s Desk: 2012 Laws that affect California Health Insurance

According to a recent press release from the California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, there are new laws that affect aspects of California Health Insurance.  Along with the laws highlighted in yesterday’s blog post, these new laws went into effect on January 1, 2012.

Here are some of the highlights:

SB 51: requires health insurers and HMOs to put a larger portion of the premium collected from consumers into medical care, instead of administrative costs and profits.

SB 621: provides protection for consumers against “discretionary clauses” written into their insurance policy, which gives the insurance company the right to decide if a subscriber is disabled.  This new law helps to give the consumer an even chance at proving they are entitled to coverage by voiding those “discretionary clauses”.

AB 151
: requires insurance companies to make available Medicare Supplement benefit plans A, B, C and F, as well as benefit plan K or L, or benefit plan M or N.

SB 222: requires all individual health insurance policies to provide maternity services for all persons covered under that policy.

SB 757: states that a health insurance policy cannot discriminate the type of coverage that is given to spouses or domestic partners, regardless of gender.

SB 946
: requires that health insurance policies provide behavioral health treatment for an all-encompassing developmental disorder or autism.

If you have any questions regarding these new laws or you’re interested in applying for a new individual California Health Insurance plan, give us a call!  We work with a variety of carriers and there are many options available, including PPO, HMO, HSA, dental or a dental + vision package, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription drug plans.  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you!