Home Inspection 101

Some people consider the purchasing of a new home to be one of the most difficult and headache-causing things to ever go through. Not only does it become troublesome to find a home that fits the price range, but to find one that has enough room as well. For those who on the verge of buying a home in CA, California home insurance is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. A thorough inspection before purchase is another one.

You inspection should be very thorough. Often during an initial inspection we concentrate on the finer aspects of the home and look only for obvious flaws. On your second inspection, don’t be blinded by the nice shiny floors or marble benches – investigate and see what’s under them. It’s not uncommon for sellers to hide the flaws of their home with rugs, a careful arrangement of the curtains, or pieces of furniture. Don’t be too embarrassed to open cupboards and look behind things – you don’t want to open the kitchen cupboards while you’re unpacking and find that an unrepaired water leak has rotted the wood and the cupboard interiors are moldy.

When you finally decide to purchase the home, be sure you know the date on which you become responsible for taking out the insurance. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents when you’re ready to obtain quotes on California home insurance.