Getting Your Home Ready for a Vacation

Will you be going on vacation soon? One of the things you should do before you go is make sure that your absence won’t affect your California home insurance as your coverage may not apply if your home if vacant for a certain period of time. There are probably many other things you need to do around your home before you go. Here are two items to include in your preparations.

Switch your water heater to vacation mode. This is a setting installed on many newer models to reduce the amount of power they use while the homeowners are away. For individuals with older equipment, lower the water heater’s temperature setting to lessen its workload while you are gone.

Figure out what to do with your mail. You have a couple choices when it comes to this. You can get your local post office to suspend service to your house and hold the letters until you return. Another option is asking a trusted neighbor or nearby relative to pick up your mail each day to keep it from overflowing.

For many people, their California home insurance is forgotten until it is time to make a claim or pay the premiums. Before your departure, you need to make sure your policy is up-to-date. Fire, theft, and vandalism can occur even while you are away so it is vital you have the coverage you need. Are you in need of extra coverage or a more affordable rate? Contact one of our representatives now to learn how our agency can help.