Safety Tips for Individuals New to Social Media Sites

With a California home insurance policy, you will probably receive protection against losses caused by theft and vandalism. While these crimes are sometimes committed at random, some homeowners are actually targeted. In recent years, police have found a growing correlation between information on social media sites and crimes of this nature. For individuals who have recently joined networking websites, here are some tips to keeping off a criminal’s radar.

  • Never post about new electronics or other expensive purchases. This could entice thieves to pay you a visit.
  • Limit the number of people who can view your page. By restricting access to just friends and family, you can lower the odds of being targeted.
  • Do not post things online that you would not say in person. Rude or vicious words over the internet could inspire violent or destructive acts.

While you may behave properly on social media sites, yours could still be one of the houses that are randomly targeted. Because you cannot predict when crime will happen, it is vital to keep your insurance up-to-date and adequate. One of our representatives can discuss the extent of protection you can receive from the proper California home insurance.