From the Agent’s Desk: Accidents & their Aftermath

As an account representative for The J. Morey Company, I must communicate to my clientele my confidence in the products I represent.  However, as a California Auto Insurance policyholder and a customer of The J. Morey Company, I haven’t always maintained that same confidence in my own policy – especially in those split-second moments of dread when I think I’ve just gotten into an accident.  But I can’t complain, because my policy, my agent and my insurance company have all come through when I needed them the most.  Here are two instances of accidents and their aftermaths:

In August 1995, I was less than a block away from home on my way to work.  Possibly distracted in thought, I ran a red light and broad-sided the vehicle coming through the intersection.  The other vehicle flipped over and landed upside-down.  I was okay, but my vehicle was not and neither was theirs.  The claims adjuster from my insurance company defended me (and the claim) even though I was obviously at fault.  My insurance company settled with the other party for their totaled vehicle and other expenses and avoided a lawsuit.

In January 2009, I received a claim acknowledgment from my insurance company indicating that I had been involved in an accident.  I was allegedly in a parking lot in Northern California, and had backed into someone’s vehicle, then drove off.  The claimant happened to catch my license plate number and description of my vehicle, a 1996 blue Honda Civic.  However, I was nowhere near Northern California during the time frame of the accident and I reside in Southern California.  Perhaps it was just a strange coincidence that the accident involved a vehicle identical to mine.  In the end, my claims representative gathered the evidence, took photos of my vehicle and believed in my word.  The claim closed without payment or further incident.

Given the positive experiences I’ve had with my policy, my agent and my insurance company, I have no reason to lack confidence in their assistance when I most need it.  I’m not just an employee of The J. Morey Company, I’m also a client.