Why is California Business Insurance So Important?

With the economy down, gas prices high and the holiday season fast approaching…it seems as if the list of expenses just continues to grow, while everyone is trying to save a dollar.  Large companies and small businesses alike are cutting back…but is cutting your California business insurance a good idea?  Probably not…and here’s why:

Often times, primarily for small business owners, business insurance is looked at as a convenience rather than a necessity.  But then something unexpected and bad happens – an employee gets injured on the job.  If your business isn’t covered, this could turn into a costly lawsuit.  So why risk it?

Liability protection is just one of the key factors of a business insurance package.  It protects not only the owner but also the reputation of the company, as well as the employees who make the business successful.  Property insurance is also typically included as part of a business insurance policy.  Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, Excess Liability Limits and other options are also available.  Some carriers, such as Safeco, can also customize a commercial package depending on the companies needs.

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