Be Aware of Scams Relating to Home Insurance Claims!

Dealing with the aftermath of theft, fire, hurricane, or any other type of disaster, is painful enough. Unfortunately, there are a few dubious types out there who have been known to prey on victims of disaster and make it that much worse. Those who have received a payout on California home insurance and are in the process of having a home repaired or rebuilt should be cautious when it comes to choosing a contractor.

A good first step is to research several firms or individual contractors. Ask around for recommendations and look for previous customers who are happy to provide references. It’s good practice to get several written quotes, each outlining exactly what the job will entail and a breakdown of the charges. Never be rushed into signing anything. Take your time and only decide on a contractor after you are satisfied with their reputation and the specific quote.You should be cautious of those who ask for a large deposit before work has even begun, and also be wary of those who suggest you spend a lot of money on temporary repairs. This will impact the amount you then have for the final job and the level of repair they are suggesting may be unnecessary.

There are a lot of very good contractors out there who will provide quality repairs and professional service. As long as there are even a few dishonest ones, however, it’s wise to play it safe when it comes to spending your California home insurance payout!