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According to The Orange County Register, Day of the Dead activities in Anaheim this year will include an art competition, a free fiesta, a mariachi festival, and a community altar! The Day of the Dead celebration stems from pre-Columbian times in Mexico and Latin America to honor and remember the dead. In addition, students in Anaheim and schools throughout Orange County are invited to take part in a Day of the Dead art competition.

The Children’s Memory Portrait Competition is open to young artists to create a portrait of someone who has been important to them and has died, be it a family member, a friend, a hero, a celebrity, or even a pet.

They should include a brief story explaining why they’re honoring their subject, explaining the impact their subject has had on them. Submissions can be of any media of any size, framed or matted, and ready to hang. Entries can be delivered to the Promenade Gallery, 203 W. Center St. Promenade in Anaheim, through September 30th.

The art work will be on display beginning October 6th at the gallery, Promenade Gallery, 203 W. Center St, and winners will be announced at an October 12th reception at the K&A Gallery Café at 201 W. Center St. Promenade.

With so many events for the whole family to attend, J. Morey Company encourages everyone to attend the Day of the Dead celebration. Not only is this holiday a time to remember loved ones, but to also celebrate life. Since your family is top priority, wouldn’t it make sense to protect them no matter what? We have the answer to this question with our California home insurance to back you up!

Whether you are purchasing your first home or have lived in the same place for generations, our insurance is essential for your protection. We understand that as a family unit, you cherish your memories and experiences that you have in your household. So whenever a disaster strikes, you can have the comfort of knowing you are safe with our California home insurance!