Is your business booming?

According to The Orange County Register, every major industry has had a bump in net profit margin this year. This new data was gathered from Sageworks Inc., an analyst of private-company financial data. “It’s surprising that across the board in every single sector, profit margins improved at least a little bit; that a positive trend”, said Sageworks Director of Finance Nicole Wolfgang.

If profit margins are growing, companies may be hiring, expanding, investing, and more. So who’s profit margins are growing by leaps and bounds? Below is a list of 6 industries with the biggest increase in net profit margins over 2010, according to Sageworks Inc.:

NUMBER 6: Transportation, Warehousing – This category includes privately owned trucks, boats, taxis and limousine services; storage facilities; and couriers. The average net profit margin is 6.54% in 2011, a third higher than the average profit margins in 2010.

NUMBER 5: Finance, Insurance – This category includes privately owned banks, investment advisers, and lenders. Many private companies in this category have done well. The average net profit margin in 2011 is 13.78%, more than 40% ahead of 2010 profit margins.

NUMBER 4: Accommodation, Food Services – This category includes privately owned hotels, motels, restaurants, caterers and bars. The survivors have an average net profit margin in 2011 of 6.61%, a full 52.3% ahead of average profit margins in 2010.

NUMBER 3: Construction – Private contractors aren’t back to the profit margins above 5% they enjoyed from 2005 through 2007, but the 4.06% average profit margin in 2011 is more than 52.6% ahead of 2010 margins.

NUMBER 2: Arts, Entertainment, Recreation – This category includes privately owned theaters, musical groups, sports teams, racetracks, and independent artists and writers. This sector has an average net profit margin of 8.7% in 2011, a healthy 60.5% more than 2010 margins.

NUMBER 1: Information – This category includes privately owned book, music, news and software publishers; telecommunications firms; radio and television stations; and Internet sites. This sector represents one of the United States’ strengths. Average net profit margins are almost 10.9% in 2011, a whopping 65.8% higher than average margins in 2010.

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