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Protect Your Property and Family with Home Insurance

What would happen if a disaster struck your home tomorrow? Are you properly covered for damages and total loss? Would you be forced to pay for the repairs out of pocket because you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t provide adequate coverage? Home insurance is crucial for any homeowner that wants to protect their family and home.

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What does Homeowners Insurance cover?

Home insurance covers the hazards that most homeowners face—everything from fire to theft, a cracked foundation to accidents on your property. When a loss occurs, you will file a claim with your insurance carrier and you are paid for the expenses, minus any outstanding deductible amounts.

Homeowners insurance also includes coverage for personal liability exposures, to protect you from many situations that could lead to lawsuits from others. For instance, if someone slips and falls in your home, or is injured somewhere on your property, you can be held responsible. Liability coverage is there to protect you.

You could also potentially need insurance to protect you from having to pay for:

  • Storm damage, fire, windstorm, lightning and hail, to name a few.
  • Dog bite liability (standard liability may not be enough if your dog bites someone or causes them to become injured)
  • Manufactured home coverage
  • Trampoline or swimming pool liability insurance
  • Wind damage
  • Sinkholes
  • Sewer or septic backups
  • Replacement cost for personal property
  • Umbrella liability insurance

When you see an independent insurance agent like The J. Morey Company, you have the chance to explore all your options for insurance, and protect the things that are most important to you.

Homeowners Insurance FAQs

There are many things about insuring a home that most consumers aren’t aware of. We are here to make sure you are informed about what is and isn’t covered in a typical homeowners policy.

  • Most policies will not cover sewer back-up unless you purchase a special endorsement—it’s not expensive, but you will need to ask for it
  • Damages caused by surface water or water that flows below the surface of the ground aren’t usually covered
  • A standard homeowners policy typically does not include Flood Insurance
  • A standard homeowner policy only covers jewelry up to set limits if the loss results from one of the perils named on the policy
  • Many policies default to actual cash value, which means if you purchased a widescreen TV and home theater system for $1,000, it may now only be worth $450 due to depreciation, so you’ll receive the adjusted value from the claim. Just like the dwelling limit mentioned above, replacement cost insurance pays out the total replacement value of your possessions, not their market value, in the event of a claim.
  • You can combine your Home and Auto policies (and others) for even more savings.

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At The J. Morey Company, we understand that options can sometimes be overwhelming. Our knowledgeable and helpful agents can work with you to find the coverage you need.

We offer some of the lowest rates for California homeowners insurance through our carriers including Tokio Marine Insurance, Mercury Insurance, and Safeco Insurance.

Request a quote now and let the professionals at The J. Morey Company help you find the best California home insurance policy for your needs.

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